My first man :-)

OMG My first man..... The first illustration is typical my style, minimal, which I like. The second one with a female touch :-)
The bun used to be our terrain but lately we see a lot of men wearing them as well. Hihihi we see a lot of hair on men anyhow, I'm speaking of beards.
I like the bun though it has to fit the man's face and you need a lot of hair. Unfortunately that's not always the case. Same with my suggestion to men, take a good look at yourself if it fits, it's a go. If not....get rid of all that hair :-)

PS What do you think of my first man illustration ? Would love to hear! X


  1. A nice line drawing, but the face is so slender and there is so little detail that I thought it was a woman. The bun reinforces this impression. This is not meant as a negative comment, just that you may want to add masculine characteristics to your drawing (whether or not they exist on the model) if you want the viewer to read it as male.

    There's also a drawing of a woman with a Balenciaga hat on. I would personally not emphasize the nostrils so much, it creates a very "pug-nosed" look on the model. Again just my impression, no shade thrown here :-)

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback. I really appreciate it! Love Brenda X