3 FW15 trends in 1 (summer) outfit

I don't want summer to end but I really like these trends for FW:
The choker, worn as a turtleneck
The thin scarf
Strapless/no straps (I wonder how to handle the cold in fall though hihi).

.....so why not wear them now?

There are many ways of wearing the thin scarf  I'm just showing my favourites. I use it as a choker aswell cause I like the way how it falls on my back. The scarf  I'm wearing is actually a hijab (hoofddoek) bought at the local market. I hope I don't offend anyone but they are really great! You can buy them in every color or pattern you like and they're made out of different materials. I use them in may ways (belt, hair, scarf etc) and they're not expensive so quite a good buy I say :-)

(Top H&M, all images by me)