Almost weekend...

white box artdirector designer weekend minimal styling interiorstyling

white interior white styling white bag white box

artdirection eyeliner line minimal styling moodboard
I know I'm being optimistic but's thursday -:)
A few weeks ago I got interviewed by blogger Sharon from ZijenStijl. She asked me about the coolest thing I did so far through blogging. I realised that I've become better in drawing, photography and designing....  in short I've become more creative and that's the coolest thing by far!
These are some random pics, trying out new stuff, with all kind of materials and techniques, posted on Instagram but not yet on the blog.
I'm not such a writer as you know by now (my illustrations and photos speak for themselves) so if you wanna know more, read the whole article Sharon wrote about me HERE . And ofcourse for daily updates check into my instagram feed HERE

(All images by me)

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