Bad planning ;-)

Somehow there are pics which are never published on the blog, I haven't got a clue why not; I do post them on instagram (you can follow me HERE for daily updates) so I'm satisfied by them. I guess sometimes I don't see a relation between them or not a 'post' to write about. Or I'm just looking to much at others... thinking every post needs to have a story. But's my own site, so I can do whatever I want :-) And... shame, shame... I have to admit that I'm not using a blog planner....  and it's been raining for a couple of days so taking pics and visualizing my ideas is not gonna happen with this bad light (I know I have to plan more hihi)
Anyway the selfies are shot a while ago (using a lot of silver shampoo) cause recently my hair is more blond and a bit shorter. The beach pics do have lovely colortones and I desperately need it now due to the bad wheather in Holland ;-) Well praying for some sun and I say happy monday to you all! X

White tee: Zara
(All images by me)

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