Big winter coat issues

We have to face it peeps....summer is over and winter is knockin' at our doors. Which means....big coat time! In my case, buying a new one. After several years I had to say goodbye to my warmest puffer coat ever (which you need living in the Netherlands and doing everything on your bicycle). My puffer was totally worn out and even had some holes in the side. So last Spring the puffer went into the trash can, forcing myself (and really really stop wearing my old favourite) to buy new one in autumn. That time is now.... no more postponing.
You might wonder why I haven't bought a new one yet, we all love to shop right? Well...getting a nice, warm, bicycle-proof and stylish coat is hard. When they're warm and comfy they look like I'm going to climb the Mount Everest and when they're stylish and fashionable my butt freezes of my bicycle (excusez le mot).
So the search continues, hoping winter comes late this year :-)

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