Recycle your plastic with style

I don't believe in following all the trends and immediately buy when new things hit the stores. It's impossible beause you can't keep up and it almost feels unethical due to the climat change. As the catwalks were full of plastic designs for the upcoming seasons, I decided to use a packaging of an online buy. You know....when you order somehing in a shop, everything is sealed, separately, in plastic clear bags. Like it's nothing, you just throw it away cause it's meant to have no destination at all. 

So this is also an introduction to a new series on the blog and on instagram: Defining Self into today's era of social media and putting everything on the internet. Searching the boundaries of what to show or not, go with the trends or not, show of what we "have" and my search of what I want to show of myself. Do I need to that, do I want to that? Is it necessary to "brand" myself to get my designs and ideas seen? What is to be seen and why do I want to be seen rather in my work as in myself? Am I, in the world of quick scrolling social media posts, as disposible as a plastic packaging? This is a start of the new series and would love to hear your thoughts on it. To be continued :-)

Black coat: & Other Stories  White rollneck: Cos  White mules: Zalando  White skirt: made by me
(Edit and images by Brenda)

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