Saint Laurent vintage

A couple of days ago I went visiting some vintage shops. Sometimes I'm in the mood for all the old stuff and search around, sometimes all the old things make me itchy:-) Anyway I was into some good strolling when my eye dropped on this blazer. As seen in Paris and all the other Fall shows, checkered patterns are staying for a while so I tried it on. Looking at the label and seeiing it was a Yves Saint Laurent Hommes blazer, I think from the late 80's early 90's (big shoulders!), I decided to buy it. The tailoring and finishing is really beautiful outside as well as inside; silk logo printed.

Obviously the climat is a thing and we really have tot take of our planet otherwise there won't be a planet anymore. And as there are allready so much clothes and shoes, buying vintage is a great option. So..... what dou you think about my purchase? (on the game now haha) PS saw a lot of good furniture like the lamp above.

Blazer:  YSL Hommes  Silk dress:  Cos (old)  Mules: Asos (last season)

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