Paris Fashionweek Stories #1

Heading towards fall but hereby the first impressions and stories of Paris Fashionweek spring/summer '19.

I accidentally founded myself at the Dawei presentation in Palais de Tokyo, searching for another show to start Dawei Studio is a french brand by Chinese designer Dawei Sun. Knowing the brand a little bit from last season I was pleasantly surprised. Dawei showed lots of feminin streetwear styled pieces; a bit oversized, a bit tailored, ruches, a lot of layering, some wannahave coats and ofcourse the dadsneakers (this trend is gonna be even bigger next spring, just to let you know haha). All in beautiful neutral colors added with minty greens and pink in an awesome setting.

Litkovskaya is an Ukranian contemporary minimalistic brand with an urban feel and touch. The presentation took place in an all pink slash purple enlighted studio. Imo the shoes, simple heels with string cords were the best as well as the hats; something in between a fishermans hat, going on a hunt and a hat Kathrine Hepburn wore, all made out of sheer fabrics.

Known by their avant garde aesthetic, timelessness and unexpected details I was a bit disappointed by the Ellery presentation. I got to know the Australian brand mainly through Instagram and loved their bold silhouettes and big earrings. However in Paris there were just a few looks presented (had to discover more on Vogue). There were pictures of the collection on plastic boards (actually loved that cause I'm obsessed with everything that looks like an installation with vids and pics, visuals etc) but it didn't come to life. Maybe the use of real models would have helped, that keeps people inside instead of on the balcony where the champaign is, and shows the tailoring way better.  But have to say.... they designed some pretty good booties! 

More to come! Love Brenda X

(Edit and Images by Brenda)

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