Sky high

During wintertime I'm a "Boots" kinda of girl. If I'm talking boots I don't mean Uggs....sorry for all you Ugg lovers and I know there are  lots of you..... I'm talking about leather boots.
I like them all; classic, with chains or studs, black, white, suede, leather, low and high.

Last year we saw them occasionally but this year you can't escape the over the knee boots (..yes they are high....thigh high in exact words). Can I ask you' all very kind to follow this trend cause it is soooo much better looking and much more stylish then Uggs :-) Thanks xx


  1. I agree! Searched for them everywhere for the past few years.. but couldn't find them! Now they're everywhere! Still need to buy a pair!

    X Sarah

    1. True Sarah. Curious to see how you are wearing them!
      X Brenda