10 Pics that will inspire you

white nike airmax white nike socks white outfit minimaldesign flowers fieldflowers artdirection fashion fashioneditorial

marble citron marble background minimal design interiorideas silver bag white bag black bag fashiontrends musthave

white bag white shoes marble background siler shoes trends musthave editorial fashiontrends red shoes loafer

ai weiwei designer design minimalism minimaldesign white interior interiorstyling interior idas trends

transparent socks dots grid pattern white socks artdiretion artdirectioner mag fashion editorial

black and white marbled icecream trends artdirection artdirectioner mag

Whether you call it artdirection, styling, stillife photography, setdesign or whatever....today I'm showing you some great inspiration on how to style and take your pics for your blog or instagram. I really like how clever and creative these pics are. There are so many pics of Nike's on all socials but this pic is standing out cause of the flowers in the socks.
It's inpiring to me me and makes me look different at thing and my own pics. Hopefully to you aswell and makes you wanna experiment. If you wanna see my efforts check my instagram feed HERE

(Pics: Wonderzine magazine, Corey Bartels Anderson, Tania et Vincent, Pinterest, Ai Wei Wei,Romulo Celdran, General Necessary and Annyversary)

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