Sharing your oversized 90's denimjacket?

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No news that denim is hotter then hot, especially the ripped and frayed style (love it!!). The big oversized denim jackets from the 90's are back aswell.
While looking on marktplaats (it's like the dutch ebay) I thought about sharing clothes. There are a few initiatives of this in Holland but they are very small. Why not share more of our clothes? You can't wear them all at the same time anyway? Besides that the clothing industry is overproducing allready and less producing means less people working in bad cicumstances and will be better for our planet.
I was thinking about a sort of lease construction. Offcourse you need to buy your basics by yourself but wouldn't it be awesome if you can lease clothes and wear something just one time without feeling quilty? Or wear stuff you wouldn't normally buy or can't afford? Wearing the latest and look different whenever you want it? I believe we don't need to own all those clothes and sharing them has a great potential.
I would love to hear your thoughts about this. Would you go and lease clothes? Or do you think it isn't possible?

(Illustration & photo by me)

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