Paris Fashionweek nr.1

My second Paris Fashionweek, this time the spring/summer collections, and I loved it. I've seen some beautiful things and some "mwoahh" things, but that doesn't matter, I love seeing other peoples creativity. Fashionweek can be one big (commercial) theatre, which in some way it is of course, but to me (and I guess for all the people working on it) it's all about creation and art, that's what I like to see and show through my eyes.
All the set designers, making little artworks of the venues, the stylists, the make up artists, the graphic designers making awesome invitations and the fashiondesigners giving their best to create a concept, a show, tell their stories through designs. That's what Fashionweek and Fashion is about!
There's more to come but these are some pics and vid's from shows and presentations I visited. Not forgetting the street, cause there's where the style is created :-)

In order of appearance:
We are Muze - Geoffrey B. Small - Jourden - Alexstorm
(Edit, images and video by me)

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